Welcome to Brookshire Goldens located in Northborough, MA.
 I purchased my first Golden Retriever in 1987,
 and thus began a lifelong love of the breed.
Very early on I was given some advice from a
very successful Springer breeder, which I have
always tried to follow...

- Always surround yourself with people who know more than you and always be willing to learn.
- Know your breed standard.
- Always be true to what you believe in and not what is the current winning trend.
- Only breed sound, healthy dogs that produce better than they are.
- Y
our strength is in your bitches.
- Know your dog's strengths as well as his weaknesses. If you are not honest about yo
ur dogs, you are only fooling yourself.
- Learn as much as you can about the dogs in your dog's pedigree.
- Always have a long-term goal and never lose sight of it.

It was great advice then and still is today.

Over the years I have been fortunate to own and breed some incredible Goldens.
I am grateful to all the breeders who have entrusted me with their dogs, and for allowing them to be part of the Brookshire gang.
Since the beginning there have been a few people who have always been
there for me, Carole Brechbill, Sylvia Donahey, Janine Fiorito and Rhonda Hovan.
Thank you for all the advice, the help, and for answering hundreds of questions over the years.

I am a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Yankee Golden Retriever Club.





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