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 March 2011
On Sunday at the Ft Worth Kennel club Stevie went WB and BW for a 5 point major! This win finished her and she is now a new champion, CH Brookshire's Rumors About Me! Stevie is owned by my good friend Pam Meduna and was shown by Diane Mueller.
On Saturday at the Ft Worth Kennel Club Wilson wins WD for his fourth major!!
He is now known as CH Magicshades Finders Keepers!!

What an incredible career this puppy has had so far. He finished his championship with 4 majors, 2 of them specialty majors, 1 from the International Kennel Club Of Chicago and the last the day after the huge FT Worth Specialty. He did it in 3 weekends, first point to last point at only 10 months and 5 days old!!

On Friday at the Ft Worth Golden Retriever Specialty Wilson wins RWD from the 9-12 puppy class!


 On Thursday at the Louisville KY show Lauren wins BW from the 9-12 puppy class for a 5 point major!!

 At the Friday Monticello NY shows Lauren wins RWB and a puppy group 1.

 At the Sunday shows Lauren wins BW for her first point and Best Puppy In Show!! This is Lauren's first weekend out with Mark Desrosiers.

February 2011

On Sunday at the International Kennel Club of Chicago Wilson wins WD for this third major!!
The sky is the limit for this incredible puppy! 

On Sat at the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois Wilson wins WD, BW and Best Puppy in specialty for his second 4 point major at only 9 months and 6 days of age!!! 

At the Friday Chicago show Wilson wins RWD from the 6-9 puppy class, his third major reserve.
Izzy also wins a major RWB!
 At the Long Island Specialties Wilson wins BOS in Sweeps on Friday and then wins WD for his first major on Saturday from the 6-9 puppy class!! 


Nov. 2010

At the West Springfield shows Wilson, who just turned 6 months wins RWD 3 out of the 4 days shown (2 of them are major reserves!). Not a bad start for this future star!

 Madison was entered at the Fitchburg MA shows and we had the most incredible weekend a breeder handler can have.

On Thursday Madison wonWB, BW, BOS and best bred by for 2 points On Friday Madison won WB, BOS and best bred by for her second major On Saturday Madison won WB, BW, BOS and best bred by for her third major On Sunday Madison won WB, BW and best bred by for 2 points becoming a new champion!!

She then went on to win a Bred by group 3 Madison finished her championship from first point to last point in 2 weekends completely breeder, owner(co owner) handled!!

She is Tiger and Lola's first champion!
Sept/Oct 2010

At the Golden Retriever National Specialty Tiger's daughter  Madison makes it to the final cut of 12-18 month old bitch class. Tiger's son Troy makes it to fifth place in the 12-18 month old dog class and Tiger's son Tigger places second in the Am Bred class!

August 2010

The Suspense litter is born!! Lindsay has nine puppies, 3 girls and 6 boys! Dad is Spenser, Ch Kindred Peppercreek Suspense OS, SDHF. This litter is so special because it was conceived using 24 year old frozen semen!

May 2010

At the MO shows Izzy wins WB and BOS. Tiger wins RWD.
The next day Izzy wins RWB and Tiger wins BW to finish his championship!! Tiger is now officially Ch Venture What Becomes A Legend!!! A big thank you to Tiger's handler Brianna Bischoff!

At the NM show Izzy wins WB!
The next day, Izzy again wins WB for the last of her single points!! Now Izzy will come home for the summer and then back to the ring for those majors.
April 2010

At the Brazos Valley Kennel Club show Tiger wins WD and BOS. Two more points to go!
The next day, on Sunday, Tiger again wins WD for another point.

At the San Jacinto Kennel Club Izzy wins WB for her first point.

At the Grove OK show Izzy wins BW and BOS!

At the Shreveport OK shows Izzy wins BW!

 March 2010

At the Houston Kennel club show Tiger was WD for his second 4 point major!! He now has 12 points and 3 majors!

February 2010

At the AR shows Tiger wins RWD the first day and BW the second day.

At the International Kennel Club Of Chicago Tiger wins BW for a 4 point major!! Today is the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois Specialty so Tiger now has a specialty BW!!

Feb. 2009
At the Indiana shows Tiger wins WD, BW for his first major from the 12-18 class.

The next day, on Fri. Lindsay wins WB, BW for her first 4 point major.
Then on Sat. Lindsay wins WB, BW and BB for her 2nd 4 point major.
The final day of the Indiana shows Lindsay wins WB, BW for her 3rd 4 point major. Lindsay is now officially Ch Brookshire's Mean Girls.
This was Lindsay's first weekend in Open and she finished in style with 3 consecutive 4 point majors!!!!

Jan. 2009

Roxy heads to TX to start her quest for the SDHF. Her first weekend out she wins the breed and goes to win a group 1!! This makes Roxy our 3rd group winning bitch.

  Aug 2008

At the Corpus Christi shows Lola wins BOB and a Group 2. This gives her the final point she needs to enter the SDHF!!

Tessa Rose makes her debut at the Kansas City shows and wins WB and RWB 2 of the 4 days. Once she grows a little more coat she will be shown full time until she finishes.


 June 2008

At the Little Rock AR showsLola wins another BOB and a group 3. She now has 24.5 SDHF points!! Only half a point to go.

Lindsay heads to TX so David can start showing her. Her first weekend out in Little Rock she wins RWB one day and BW the next day for her first point.

The next weekend in OK Lindsay wins WB one day for two more points. She also wins best bred by and goes on all the way to win BEST BRED BY IN SHOW!!!!!

May 2008

At the shows in Lafayette LA, Lola wins BOB 2 days and a Group 3.

Lola now has 23.5 SDHF points.

At the shows in Shawnee OK, Lola wins BOB 2 days and wins a Group 3.

Lola now has 22.5 SDHF points.

At the shows in Biloxi MS, Lola wins BOB 3 days and wins back to back Group 1's and a Group 2!!

Lola now has 21.5 SDHF points.

April 2008

At the Saturday St. Louis SpecialtyRoxy wins BOS.

At the Sunday St. Louis Specialty Lola wins a JAM. Lola is now being specialed by David Harper .

The next weekend at the Perry GA shows Lola wins BOB the day before the Eastern Regional defeating over 170 Goldens!!

The next day at the Eastern Regional Lola wins a JAM.

At the Eastern Regional Tiger wins his 6-9 puppy class. This is Tigers first weekend out at just 6 months old.

April 2008

At the Shreveport shows Lola wins BOB and a group 2.

The following weekend at the Beaumont shows Lola wins the breed 2 days and a group 2 and 3!!

Lola now has 8.5 SDHF points!! Go Lola and David!! These 2 make a great team and are on a roll.

March/April 2008

On March 26th Sass delivers 4 boys and 4 girls, see our litters page for more information.

On April 3rd Cher delivers 4 girls and 1 boy, see our litters page for more information.

March 2008

Brookshire I Wanna Talk About Me, "Toby" is in Texas being shown in the 6-9 month puppy class. He is consistently winning his puppy class and at the San Antonio shows this past weekend won RWD 2 out of the 4 days!!

Sass' pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound and her puppies are due March 23rd.

Cher's pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound and her puppies are due April 3rd.

 Jan. 2008

Brookshire's Meaning Of Life, "Monty" starts being shown by his handler, David Harper. He is consistently winning his 6-9 puppy class and has won a number of RWD. Monty will be coming home in Feb. and Brookshire I Wanna Talk About Me, "Toby" will start being shown.

Cher and Sass are now in season. Cher is being bred to Thunder, via Frozen semen and Sass is being bred to our own boy, Barrett. For more information see my Litters page.

June/July 2007

On June 25th Cher delivers 10 beautiful babies sired by Ch Summit's MR. Bojangles, "Hobo". She had 5 girls and 5 boys. I themed this litter the "ME" litter. These kids will be turning heads when they hit the show ring in 2008.

Lola's first time out as a special is at the prestigious Reliant dog show in Houston Texas. She wins the breed and a group 4th which will be shown on t.v. on Animal Planet in November.


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